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Critical first weeks, for a new employee

Onboarding is a critical period for new employees as it sets the foundation for their success within the company, therefore having a good onboarding process can help new hires feel welcomed, valued, and prepared to do their job, which can lead to better job satisfaction and retention. Additionally, effective onboarding can lead to faster productivity and a quicker return on investment for the company.

Many things can go wrong, and they do go wrong:

  • AD Account is not ready, or wrong access rights. 
  • The receptionist did not know, bad impression
  • The PC was not ready, cannot work on the first day
  • Access to salesforce was forgotten

If you believe it’s worth looking at structuring and automating the onboarding process, the best start is to get a consultive call to discuss the current state, and explore possible options with one of Nudge IT specialists – you can reach out here Explore onboarding digitization and automation

Under all circumstances, if you do not already have a digitized onboarding – getting an overview and starting managing it can be done with little effort with simple tools already in the toolkit of most companies – we would recommend reading the short guide How to capture all the onboarding tasks, and keep track using Microsoft list

Is onboard worth Automating? 

3 Questions to Consider When Deciding if Onboard Automating is worth doing!

The volume of New Hires: If you only hire a few people a year, manual onboarding may suffice. But as the number of hires increases, consider partially automating the process to streamline it. In any case, track tasks electronically!

High Turnover: If more than 15% of new hires leave within the first 6 months, it may be worth examining the onboarding process to see if improvements can be made. Replacing employees is expensive and disruptive. 

Scrambling & Last Minute Firefighting: If you often face issues such as a lack of ready computers or access to critical systems for new hires, tracking and automating onboarding can help alleviate these problems and improve the new hire experience.

Sometimes this ends up being a borderline decision - but there are ways to do partial process structure and automation, which can help on the quality of the process. To get more information and debate it with a specialist simply reach to our Automation Consultants

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