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Managers Guide Power Automate

Managers Guide to Microsoft Power Automate

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Streamline everyday repetitive tasks

Everybody is swamped with daily tasks, with Power Automate you can remove daily repetitive tasks, like Sorting your email messages, Adding files from emails to your folder or Sharepoint. Extract the debitor details from bills received in emails or scanned and add those to Navision. All of these and many more functions are available in Power Automate. 

Automate across business systems

Power Automate connects and automates tasks across many hundred business apps, both within the Microsoft eco-system and external sources. Connectors include SharePoint, Power BI, Outlook, Teams, Asana, Mailchimp, Twitter, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Google Drive, Eventbrite and Trello

Use templates to kickstart Automation

Starting from Scratch is always an option but not effective, Power Automate boasts an extensive library of predefined templates. These allow you to create Automation workflows around approvals, notifications, productivity, social media, and many more.